Sath Guru Dr. Umar Alisha

Brahmarshi Dr Umar Alisha – A ray of light

Pithapuram, a small township in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh is popular as Dattatreya Kshetram where Lord Datta incarnated as Sripada Sri Vallabha. It is said that ,“Datta lives in every enlightened soul”. Nearby railway station, there is one “Modern Temple of Humanity”, popularly called as Sri Viswa Vignana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham and there we can see a living Datta, a true Sufi saint Brahmarshi Dr Umar Alisha. He became legal successor to this peetham as he is the first son of Brahmarshi Mohiddin Badsha and Smt Fatima Jaharunnisa Begum. It is almost twenty eight years, Dr Umar Alisha became Ninth Peethadhipathi to this esteemed spiritual organization. Based on Arsha and Sufi principles this peetham propagates monotheism.

One can see him working as a soldier in the ashram on all thursdays and festive occasions. Rest of the days he extensively tours to enlighten masses. At first glimpse, first impression one gets is that he is a soft spoken, kind, caring, bright, good looking intellectual with fine golden aura. When you listen, you feel intensity of his knowledge and depth of his aspiration to educate masses in the path of ultimate knowledge.  Neither blowing hot winds nor pouring rains bother him. He campaigns throughout year visiting various places in India and abroad to instill spiritual philosophy in the human minds. The words like inconvenience, anger, haste etc., are not in his dictionary. 

90% of his eleven million disciples are poor and illiterate. Teaching them the highest science of self realization is very tough task. Yet successfully he makes them literate and let them express philosophy affluently in the knowledge meets. Such elevation he bestows. A compassionate listener…He listens to each and every one with utmost patience and helps them through advice. Everyone who visits him gets peace and comfort. Once you meet this compassionate Sath Guru, he will remember you for life time. All your grievances and sufferings are his. He becomes part of your family and helps you elevate mentally and address your problems and solve them peacefully. Sath Guru declares “Patience as the first step in learning philosophy”. He practically administers practice of patience with an eternal divine smile. Though mingles with all like a normal person, his greatness is revealed through disciples magnificent experiences.

Sath Guru blesses disciples with Maha Mantra. Dharma says Guru is the physical form of Mantra. This mantra is very powerful. Through sadhana, a sadhaka attains jeevan muktha state that is., he attains liberation within this physical. Sath guru never ever considers origin of birth, age, gender, race, religion, nationality and status while initiating them to Brahma Vidya (Science of Absolute) in the Gnana Marga(path of knowledge). He propounds a theory called “evolution of soul consciousness”, is a true guiding jewel to seekers of spirituality. “With faith, aim, and devotion, practice till each and every cell is energized with divine Maha Mantra energies. Brake all blocks and illusion. Time is finite and this soul has taken human life for attaining liberation. So, without shunning your duties, be in this world (samsara) and do sadhana till you attain liberation within this physical”, declares Sath Guru. Followers of this dharma are blessed with livelihood at physical, peace and contentment at mental and salvation at soul level. What else a person needs? In this jungle of confusion and hatred filled world Sath Guru reassures that “God is one and there is no conflict”. Like a protecting rock, he is always there for the believers and seekers of truth.

His preaching aims to let all understand the divinity that dwells inside us and in all beings. Sath Guru states that, “Totality in a being blooms when one envisions the world with a spiritual eye and social eye”. Implementing this concept as a true emancipator of grief struck and sorrow filled people, he established Umar Alisha Rural Development Trust in the year 2000 A.D to help poor, needy, troubled and remote area residents in all essential spheres of life. Sath Guru explains that, “Serving mankind is serving God”. Though this, he inspired all his eleven million member disciples to participate in service activities. The concept of service is multi fold. It develops the country through developing rural areas. It brings change in the life of service doer and beneficiary.  Through service one’s heart is filled with compassion and pure love. That heart experiences bliss through unconditional service acts, finds unity with beneficiary and there is no place for envy and hatred. Divinity dwells in that relation. Such elevated minds can recognize divinity in all beings. Karma is generated through an act or thought. Good service deeds generate positive karma and hasten spiritual journey. Thus Dr Umar Alisha is planting seeds of pure love and compassion in addition to spiritual philosophy and doing real universal service to mankind.

Declaring “Heaven is beneath the feet of mother”, Sath Guru strictly guides all to take care of old aged parents and elders. Feeling sad over present society’s behavior towards senior citizens, he proclaims to train children into spirituality at a young age. Elevated children will never let down their parents in their old age. He himself is training many children in this Gnana Marga. Author of spiritual guide entitled as “Thathwa Margamu” in Telugu language which guides disciples in molding daily life into perfection. He also authors  “Vignana Jyothi part I and II, Cosmic wisdom” As an editor of Thathwa Gnanam, a monthly magazine, he is infusing spiritual philosophy into the minds of public.

 Dr Umar Alisha renovated all his ancestors resting places and built 100 ashrams in and around Andhra Pradesh to spread spirituality and service waves. Aradhanas(Sath Sang’s) are being conducted there along with service activities.  With open hands, warmly, he invites all to the spiritual gala on February 9th, 10th, 11th of every year to learn spiritual philosophy. All Masters, seers, sages and sadhakas of all times grace this mega occasion. Perennial blessings and energies are bestowed to the attendees. In those great meetings children along with senior philosophers deliver wonderful lectures about spirituality and philosophy.

Ignorance is the mother of all miseries. Inner and external violence results from it. Knowledge is antidote to ignorance. Through knowledge we can experience truth. Sath Guru calls one and all to learn knowledge of self realization and thereby understand truth. When you know truth there is no apathy, six vices influence, illusion and ignorance. Then society will have good citizens and all round development. There exists a bliss filled peaceful world. For such noble ideals, altruist Dr Umar Alisha is striving very hard.

In gist Dr Umar Alisha is a Doctor, Philosopher, Spiritual Guru, Writer, Orator, Philanthropist , Social Worker and renowned Sufi Saint. Universe reflects all our acts with more energy. Sath Guru’s acts multiply and bring more refinement and blessings to this planet Earth.

 Spiritual help is highest priceless service  and here is a ray of light travelling all alone motivating thousands in the path of knowledge and this journey continues till he finds an enlightened world filled with knowledge ……..

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